The high rate of youth unemployment is, in large measure, the product of a fault line between their level of skills and experience and the expected demands of employers. Just as certain, the skills shortage impacts overall labour productivity in our country. Still more troubling, a lot of the disorder we have been experiencing is the upwelling of deeply ingrained cultural beliefs and practices and miseducation passed down from generation to generation.

The CSJP recognizes that unemployment or underemployment tends to increase a person’s risk of youth becoming involved in criminal and violent activities. This employability training programme is a partnership with the National Training Agency (NTA) and aims to eliminate all barriers to employment for youth and equip them with the necessary skills and tools to find a job and maintain employment.

The programme targets the development of soft skills (responsibility, degree of commitment, teamwork-building, persistence, and self-control), training through community development projects and remedial education (literacy and numeracy skills). A comprehensive demand-driven training initiative focuses on the hospitality and service industries and provides valuable on-the-job experience. A strengthened Public Employment System (link to PES site) at the Ministry of Labour allows successful trainees the opportunity to meaningfully engage potential employers.

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